The Perfect iconic font created by UKIE WEB


UKIE WEB has developed a unique symbol font to add clean and minimalist characters to your project. This font is called UkieFont.

A symbol font is a font style that is made up of several different icons and shapes instead of letters. UkieFont has a simple design you can incorporate into your project and customize with CSS.

More than just a word

Integrating UkieFont into your project isn’t just about adding an element of minimalism (though how could you not love the chic design?); symbols can add an element of simple communication that mere words can’t. And UkieFont has characters that range from simple arrows, traditional web symbols, social media icons, and so much more!

Being able to communicate an idea with your users quickly and efficiently is important. UkieFont helps you do that.


Make UkieFont your own

The great thing about UkieFont is that it isn’t static. Using CSS, you can change the size, color, shadow, or anything you can imagine. This gives you the ability to tailor the UkieFont symbols to fit right into the look of your project.

In addition to being customizable, UkieFont is also a responsive font. This means that icons will look more detailed on bigger screens and less detailed on smaller screens.

What makes UkieFont different?

UkieFont has perks that set it apart from other icon fonts:


There’s no Javascript required for UkieFont - meaning fewer compatibility problems


The icons won’t degrade with size - so you can make your icons as big (or small!) as you need


UkieFont looks exceptional on retina display


Screen readers will recognize UkieFont

Keep your eyes open for more

UkieFont will adding more icons to the family, check back to see those!


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